We are: Martin - vocal & keyboard, Ylaise – vocal,  Michel - vocal & percussion, Michel - bass, Eric - guitar and John - drums.

Reggae music is what brought us together.

EDJAHCATION come with their own repertoire and play songs like 'Rumours', 'Conscious Man', 'Reggae Music' and many more.

Bringing you music to make you dance, party and feel free, but also with a serious message.

So if you want to learn a thing or two,
EDJAHCATION is something for you!


25 April 2017 - The weather is changing, the sun shines more often. EDJAHCATION will be performing for you on various occassions this spring and summer. Check out the agenda, maybe you can join the party!

27 August 2016 - We proudly present our NEW ALBUM 2016:


For more information, please send a e-mail to info@edjahcation.com

18 November 2015 - EDJAHCATION is always looking for nice events to perform. Do you happen to organise such an event, please send an e-mail to info@edjahcation.com.

4 June 2015 - Read the exclusive interview with EDJAHCATION on Rastavibes.nl

20 May 2015 - Finally, the NEW CD of EDJAHCATION is out as from TODAY!!! Click on MEDIA for more info!

30 April 2015 - EDJAHCATION is ready for the sunshine-season. Are YOU ready too??? Check our AGENDA for performances in your neighbourhood and come skank with us.

18 January 2015 - EDJAHCATION is pleased to participate in BENELUXXL REGGAE CONTEST 2015. Keep an eye on WWW.EDJAHCATION.COM for more info...

17 January 2015 - For latest performances check our AGENDA